Final options…

*yawn* I messed with this way too late last night!

Thank you for your opinions yesterday.  I figured out what was bothering me about the sashing.  It was a bit too thick.

I cut the width from 2.5 to 1 inch and I think that gives a cleaner, less busy, look.   I also added the sashing to the outside, which is MUCH better!

What do you think?



I also did one with solid sashing.  This is Kona Berry.

And a Plain Jane, too.

Thanks again for your help.  It really makes a difference having an outside opinion!


Andi - Yes, you’re definitely on to something! The narrower sashing looks great! The berry or no sashing a little too bland.

rae - Love the 1″ scrappy sashing. i think it rounds everything out just nicely. to me, the solid takes away the great brightness from the dresdens. how are you planning to do the back? (the kona berry with a 2.5″ vertical strip of the scraps would be really cool, if you want an opinion on that. :D)

randi - i either like the skinny sashing or no sashing at all. both look great! beautiful quilt!

Flying Blind - Oooh I missed commenting earlier but you have made a great decision – the ‘new’ looks really lovely x

Shayla Sharp - Love the new!

Carla - Love the berry sashing!! I think it makes your quilt pop!! Gorgeous! I also like the striped sashing, but with the solid sashing around the outside. I’m sure whatever you do will be awesome!! :)

Danielle's Dish - I like the new the best.

Rachel at Stitched in Color - I still like the one without sashing best, but my second favorite is your new 1″ wide strip sashing. That looks very cute too!

Amy B. - I’m digging the Kona Berry! It makes those Dresden plates pop!

Sallie - I like the new best, too!

Dianne - the new thinner sashing is my favorite. that’s what was bugging me the first time around too.

Amanda - I can’t decide between the Berry or the print…they both are great. The Plain Jane is to bland. Beautiful job on the dresden plates!

Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts - I like the new one and the one without sashing or maybe just a border of the sashing. :) It’s just lovely Linds!

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