Tutorial :: Hexagon Belt

I’m excited to share this tutorial with you as a part of the Festival of Hexagons!

I love quirky clothing items and thought a hexagon belt would be a fun nod to quilters.

Let’s get started!

:: Supplies Needed ::

• A 1.5″ wide skinny belt (larger width would work too, but you’ll need to increase your hexagon size)

• 1.5″ hexagon templates (I printed mine here)

• 1/2 yard fabric cut into 3″ squares

• Needle and matching thread

• Sewing machine

• Spray starch and iron

• Scissors

• Safety pin

Begin by measuring the area you want your hexagons to cover and round up to an even number if needed.

You will need 1 hexagon for each inch and the number will be divided between the front and back of your belt.

Example:  For my belt, the area I needed to cover was 26″.   I needed 13 for the front and 13 for the back, 26 total.

Cut out as many 3″ squares as needed and using your 1.5″ template, baste your hexagons.  Here is a great video tutorial if you’re new to basting hexies!

Divide your basted hexagons evenly into two stacks and stitch each stack together to make 2 rows.    I chose to stitch by machine using an 1/8″ seam allowance.

Stitch by hand if you are more comfortable with that!

Starch and press each row well.

Lay one of your rows out onto your belt to make sure it evenly covers your desired space.

Now take both rows and place wrong sides together.  Pin at each point making sure to line up the hexies evenly.

You will sew the top points and the bottom points separately, leaving the ends open.

Using an 1/8″ seam allowance, carefully sew around each point leaving the beginning and end of the row open.  (You will insert your belt through this opening).

Be sure to backstitch at each starting and stopping point.  Clip your threads.

Take your safety pin and and poke through an inconspicuous point on the buckle free end of your belt.  Carefully thread through your hexagon casing.

Straighten out your hexies and press using a cloth between your belt and iron.  The casing should fit snugly around your belt.

You can put a small hand stitch at the top and bottom corner of the hexagons at the beginning and end of your belt to prevent shifting, if needed.

Put on your new belt and strut your stuff!

I hope you enjoy!


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