For August I received Amy’s quilt.  She had originally requested 16 patch blocks and sent 2 off as her starter to the quilt. In July she decided to give us free reign and told us to go for it and make whatever we’d like! Jennifer had the quilt before me and she made […]

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I am really beginning to have fun in this bee.   I had Courtney’s quilt last month and her theme was ‘favorite things’. My favorite is the geek glasses from Sew What Sherlock.   It was a really great paper piece pattern, highly recommend.  (You can find here for $2.50) Amy’s quilt just arrived yesterday so […]

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  • ylmommyx4

    I hear you. I am so full of self doubt. But you , my dear, are uber talented and should not doubt yourself at all. See you soon at Sewing Summit.ReplyCancel

  • Maeve

    This quilt is so cool!!!! Love all of it! And you are definitely not alone with the self-doubt thing – it has plagued me all my life (I am 70 now!), especially when it comes to painting with watercolors (which I happen to love). If I don’t push my self soon to DO something, I won’t ever get anything done. I have decided that to be imperfect is ok – none of us is perfect. I now believe that it is the imperfections in each of us that make us so unique and special. Just have fun and DO IT! Your website is great and one of my favorites. And you are very talented.ReplyCancel

  • Sandra

    I could have written that myself about self-doubt… But the picture (love the glasses!) shows there is no real reason for any insecurity! Look at what you have achieved, not what you haven’t (yet). Keep at it, you’re doing great!!!ReplyCancel

  • duff

    Oh wow, it would be hard for me to add to that composition–it’s amazing and I’d be terrified of mucking it up. You have a great eye for color and placement, so just take a deep breath and let the piece guide your intuition. You were included for a reason–your talent is envied!ReplyCancel

  • Spotted in the wild: Geek Glasses! | Sew What, Sherlock?

    […] Lindsey Rhodes from posted pics of her awesome geek glasses this morning! I love it! My Geek Glasses pattern is available here. […]ReplyCancel

  • Love the colours in this! It’s funny, ask me to just pick a block, or follow instructions, and I have no bother, but bring in the words ‘include something that means something to you’ or similar, and I freeze! Totally lose the ability to think o.O What you’ve chosen to do looks fab, and WTG for putting it out there about the self doubt, I’m sure you’ve just made a ton of people feel better!ReplyCancel

  • Patti

    Wow! You could have been talking about me! I don’t have the courage to take on something like that. I’m confident in many of my abilities but that’s out of my comfort zone…so that puts you at least one step ahead of me! Be proud of what you’ve accomplished! Guess I need to sign up for another swap so I can fine tune some more of my talents! Beautiful job!ReplyCancel

  • Jane from New England

    This is so awesome!! Colors, designs – everything. It makes me smile!!
    AND it makes me wish it were mine!! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Ella

    You’re amazing! Are your bags still at Beehive?ReplyCancel

  • This quilt is so fun! You did greatReplyCancel

  • I love that quilt! Sounds like a really fun project. Self-Doubt Stand Down!! I opened up your link to Amys post about her beautiful daughter and her first block! A heartwarming reminder to me that the joy is in the creating and the process and not the wondering if “it” is good enough! Thanks LR and Amy!ReplyCancel

  • This quilt is really so great! I love your mason jar. You are very talented!! Just read your post on teaching at sewing summit. That’s awesome! 🙂ReplyCancel

Tomorrow begins registration for Sewing Summit 2013.   It’s only 8 weeks away! I will be teaching a lecture and a hands on class for Sewing With Leather. I wanted to share the pictures and description in the event you are interested in this class! I will be offering the lecture and tote pattern for purchase […]

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  • Sounds like it will be a great class!ReplyCancel

  • ylmommyx4

    Looking forward to seeing you and hopefully getting into one of your classes.ReplyCancel

  • ooo, i love this lindsey! wish I could come and take your classReplyCancel

  • that bag is gorgeous. Real leather? I’m not brave enough to try that on my machine. I’m guessing a denim needle or heavier would be required.ReplyCancel

    • You could totally do it on your machine! A leather needle or heavy duty needle and you are good to go!!ReplyCancel

Week 9 winner, # 17 Linh! ——– Hi all!   Today starts Week 10 of the sew along and the 1st day of school at my house.    It’s been a busy morning! This week’s project is the largest in the book, the Swedish Bloom Time Quilt.    Kerry from Very Kerry Berry is sharing the quilt she […]

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  • Lori E. Green

    Hi LIndsey,

    I love, love your blog, I’ve been following you for a long time. I was hoping to see you at Sewing Summit this year, but now have to sell my ticket.

    Do you know of anyone in need of a ticket? Please let me know.

    Thanks, LoriReplyCancel

  • […] Please Sew-Along and this is the last week the Flickr group will be linking up with Lindsey at LR Stitched.  Next week we will be at Debbie’s place at A Quilter’s Table, sharing our projects.  […]ReplyCancel

  • Kerry’s quilt is completely awesome xxxReplyCancel

One of the hard parts of a pattern can be making sure that you and the author are on the same page. We all understand things differently based upon our experiences and when a pattern does not have many diagrams it can be hard to move forward when something doesn’t make sense! First thing to […]

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  • Thanks Lindsey will make a note of these in the book. My patchwork panels worked out at 6″ and I adapted my lining in accordance with the bubble dimensions and ended up with no overlap but I fudged on and it looks ok and will be serviceable. I should have waited until today to start and benefitted from your tips.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Sheila. I figure it’s a utility box so what’s important is what goes inside of it, right!?ReplyCancel

  • Charity

    Beautiful fabric 😉ReplyCancel

  • Charity Reesor

    Got my thread today 😉 THANKS! Love it 😉

    Sent from my iPhoneReplyCancel

  • This should help tremendously! I already made my box but those steps were definitely tricky and hard to understand!ReplyCancel

  • Charmaine

    Thanks – I also had the same problem. I cut out the sides first and cut the bottom only once I had the sides made up and I could check they fitted. This was a bit of luck as I followed the bubble tip and it would have been annoying to have cut out a bottom too small!ReplyCancel

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