Zakka Along, Patchwork Ribbon Inspiration

I wanted to link you all to 2 of our sew along partipants who’ve finished the patchwork ribbon.

A few people started the project and found it to be hard to deal with because of the raw edges and the fraying threads.

Linda and Simone came up with 2 alternative and creative ways to make the ribbon.

They inspired me and I thought they might inspire you to!

Visit Linda

Visit Simone

Debbie - Glad you did this. I’ve been linking from flickr to the various posts on this project & it’s been very helpful!

LindseyR - Let me know if you find anymore, I’d be happy to add them!

renee - hello i just bought the book and really like the designs only thing is wish the printing was darker, for us who need it also i want too know if the patterns in the back is that the size of design how can one adjust too the pattern size too make them what percentage if i want too copy and use the design shown the sizes are on which one too make am confused hope you can help me love the blog thanx renee

The Patchsmith - Thank you Lindsey. These are excellent remedies for the ‘threads and fraying’. What an inspirational group this is.

Vera (vexa) - Hi Lindsey, I got one alternative too. Took pics along the way and put together little tutorial:

ginacoetzer - Lovely blogs to follow about the ribbon . Thank you girls . I’ve had fun making my ribbon today . I embraced the fraying edges and pulled strips from my scraps bin ! I hope the Zakka sew along group has fun with this one . Think of the possibilities …Christmas ribbon , baby boy , baby girl ,teen , wedding kitchen … Have fun! It’s quick too !

jf wilkinson - I really enjoyed putting my ribbon together, not following a colour at all, just picking up what was under my fingers and adding it next….

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